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ROLSI Journal Impact – historical trend

The figures for the 2013-2014 period will be out soon, so it might be worth looking at the historical trend.

ROLSI started quietly, but built up a decent following, and by the 2010s had reached a pleasing impact rate. It is now over 2, making it the second most cited journal in Communications, and third in Linguistics.

We look forward to what the next, imminent, set of figures will reveal.


First views of this site

We were curious as to the geographical origins of visits to this site – would the pattern accord with our sense of where ROLSI readers and writers live? Here are the results on the first day after the blog was publicised.

country views of rolsi blog

Who the journal is for

ROLSI is for anyone interested in language as it’s used in interaction.

The journal is pretty eclectic as to what it takes to be language. People communicate by all sorts of means. Speech, obviously enough; but gesture, gaze, bodily configuration, bodily movement, facial expression….

Articles tend to be about all or any of these, with the emphasis on what actions they perform. Have a look at the titles here to get a sense of what’s currently in print.

See also my more general site at the Editor’s pages.

ROLSI’s “citation impact”

Authors want to be read, and to influence their readers.

One crude measurement of readership and influence is of course the number of times one’s article has been cited.

A more general one is the citation record of the journal one gets published in. ROLSI‘s is pretty good at the moment – about 2.4. That means that within the last two years of the count (2011-2013) each article in the journal was cited about twice on average. It doesn’t sound a lot when you put it that way, but social science citation impacts tend to be at around the 1 mark. In Sociology, the top journal  (American Sociological Review) is currently at 4.3, and we’re 6th; in the field of Communications, we’re the second highest (see the image below).